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Korean Food

   In this day and age, Korea is known as one of the most popular destination for food enthusiasts. A huge number of individuals from all over the world hold on here to try the variety of cuisines which this wonderland has to offer. The essay mentioned below is going to discuss about Korean street food that is staple around Seoul.

   Kimchi (김치) : the beloved spicy sidekick at every Korean table. It’s made by salting and preserving fermented cabbage in a bed of ginger, garlic, onion and chili pepper. No wonder how spicy it is, Kimchi is often cited for its health benefits because of containing vitamin B and vitamin C which improve the metabolism.

   Bibimbap (비빔밥): the most popular white rice dish not only in Korea but also in Asia as large. However, Koreans take great care to make Bibimbap more delicious and attractive by adding in a hot stone bowl with vegetables, carrot and mushrooms. Egg yolk and raw beef are also popular additions; when stirred through they cook against the hot stone. It is Bibimbap that is the perfect dish for those wanting to enjoy warm taste in the cold rainy days in Seoul.

   Bulgogi (불고기): the famous Korean specialty barbecued meat. Beef, pork belly or chicken are marinated in soy sauce, sugar and pear juice, then cooked on a hot-plate on the table. This well-known meat dish, which has existed for over a thousand years, now with hamburgers are commercialized as part of menu at fast food restaurants.

   Tteokbokki (떡볶이): the iconic street food snack. It is mainly made of rice cakes with either spicy or non-spicy sauce. When you are suddenly feel hungry, pay a visit to a friendly vendor, order a cup of tteokbokki and you are good to go.

   Bingsu (빙수): usually the first choice dessert for summer. This is shaved ice and sweet red beans, but the other colorful toppings can be pretty much anything, such as sweetened condensed milk, ice cream, canned fruit, rice cake. It is extremely cold so be careful not to get a “brain freeze”.

   To sum up, it is blatantly obvious that Korean street food is called to be the most popular one all around. Food enthusiasts can find bustling food stalls anywhere here, and they are their go-tos for a cheap and cheerful meal. In fact, gourmet restaurants are nice and luxury, but street food is what Korea is all about.


Team 12 Asia Student Summit 2018 Batch 1

1. Vũ Lê Hoàg
2. Thao Ngoc Thanh Tran
3. Anvi Ahuja
4. Indah Tiara Ningrum
5. Linda Prabandari
6. Herdinta Salsabella
7. Nadia Ramadhani
8. Rianti Hikmah Ramadhani
9. Annisa Dwi Magistra Ramadhani