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Rebirth Korea: Enlightening the Darkness of Mental Health


   The world is becoming more smaller with the amount of knowledge they can receive through the limitless internet access, with the ease of access comes the high expectations for all youth to succeed in this competitive society. Depression and suicide are one of the many problems the world is facing. And South Korea is in the spotlight with it being in the high ranks for suicide rate since 2005. (June, n.d.)

   WHO is an agency that is concerned with public health. It puts all information together from all over the world in hopes to create a better future for all people in the world. This agency works together with the UN which gives them the access information in terms of health with partnered countries. (Organization, Depression, 2018)

   According to WHO, “Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected.” It affects people function poorly as well as suffer greatly and not only personally but in work, school and in the family.

   Suicide have become the second leading cause of death for people in the age of 15–29 year old around the world. This tragedy affects not only the family of the deceased, but also their closest friends and people around their environment greatly. (Organization, Suicide, 2018)
Types of Depression

   Depression is not limited to only major depression, but it varies from mild to severe depression. With the information above, there are Bipolar I and II disorders, Cyclothymic disorder, Persistent depressive disorder, Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and Other depression disorders. (Chris Iliades, 2018)

   There are four main types of depression that are commonly found in teens: adjustment disorder, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.

Adjustment Disorder.
Occurs when a person is experiencing something new like moving to a new school, death of a loved one, dealing with a parents’ divorce , and sometimes having a new group of friends

It is a low grade, chronic depression which results to have a low energy, low self-esteem and feeling of hopelessness.

Bipolar disorder.
This is one of the main type of depression that mostly teens have. It is the sudden change of their mood that could interfere with their education, friendships and family.

Major Depression.
The most serious form of depression due to sadness and irritability, talk about suicide, lack of interest, and frequent reports of physical pains.

Types of Suicide

   Suicide is one of the results from depression from the long pit of despair which creates the loss of rational judgement from the stress and lose of hope. (John M. Grohol, 2016) According to Durkheim, there are four types of suicide:

Egoistic suicide.
The lack of social interaction creates a huge feeling of loneliness and they separate themselves in literal and mental sense.

Altruistic suicide.
A difficulty to meet up the expectations from peer pressure.

Anomic suicide.
A sudden shock from the financial loss or a huge shock as a result from stress and frustration.

Fatalistic suicide.
The tight rules and regulations create a very limited freedom of speech which creates a huge amount of pressure upon a person that does not let them have their own sense of individuality. (Durkheim, 1951)

Main Causes of Depression and Suicide

   Through a brief interview conducted in between our activities, we could organize that most people suffer from depression and stress is at the high school level. Most students would start their day at 7.30 a.m. and end at 11 p.m. The citizens of South Korea receive immeasurable stress with huge expectations for their educational background for all kinds of things, such as dates, blind meetings, employments, and even relationship.

   South Korean students are pressurized by their parents to achieve an extra-ordinary academic result. Their duration of academic activities is incredibly excess; more than 10 hours a day. College admission process is also difficult compared to the curriculum provided by any other developed countries like USA. The difficulties of the students of South Korea face in their entrance exam are unavoidable reasons for suicide commitment. Even in job sectors, the daily routine of Korean people is so hectic and duration of work is high, that lead them to dissatisfaction to their jobs resulting in depression. With the recent shock of a K-pop idol suicide, Lee Jong Hyun of Shinee, it was a huge heartbreak not only to the fandom but also to the general public. Some dedicated fans even followed his footsteps into the unfortunate event. The influence of public figures towards youngsters are huge, because they see them as role models and perfect people that they look up to.

Country Perspective on Suicide

   CASTE System of India which discriminates students in the education system, and force them to fall into depression and which sometimes lead to suicide.

   More than 3.29 million people in the Philippines are living with depression because of the problems with their family, love / relationship, poverty, education, health, bullying and insecurities.

   The case of committing suicide due to depression from India and Philippines is more likely similar to the other countries that we have researched about: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Many people think that depression is not an illness and that’s the reason why they didn’t seek help from the others and commit suicide. Some are afraid to consult their suicidal because they do not want to be judged as someone with mental disorder


   The most common answer to avoid committing suicide and to lessen the depression is having a regular exercise like going to the fitness center or going to a park to ride bicycles which would allow them to interact with people lightening their burden.

   Awareness of depression is still considered low considering the severity. Stated below are options and actions that could be taken to help conquer the difficulties:

• Talking to a specialist (professional help),
• Action should be taken,
• Better relationship to the society,
• Engagement in relationships with the environment, and
• To cope up with depression by having people around and communicate with them
(Joanna Saisan, 2018)

*Suicide Rates Total Per 100,000 persons, 2013-2016


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