1. What is Asia Student Summit ?

Answer :
This is our third year we do this annual event named Asia Student Summit, it is a platform for the youth across the globe to widen their perspective about education and career through study visit, company visit, symposium. Furthermore, it encourages the youth to make a deep understanding of Asian cultures through exchange and sharing ideas, initiatives, and experiences among the delegates from around the world.

2. Who is the organizer of Asia Student Summit ?

Answer :
Asia Student Summit is organized by International Global Network, a platform that focuses on youth capacity development based in Indonesia. You may see the details through this link

3. What are goals of Asia Student Summit 2018 ?

Answer :
– To comprehend education system in South Korea that being considered as one of the best in the world.
– To learn how Korean companies take roles on educating society about new technologies along with its own benefits.
– To have a better understanding about Korean cultures and society.

4. What are the eligibilities to join Asia Student Summit ?

Answer :
– This activity is aimed specifically at young people with maximum age 25 years old who have a passion about entrepreneurship, education, social program, and culture.
– Participants must be enrolled in high school, a university, fresh graduate from all over the world.

5. Does the Asia Student Summit 2018 provide a scholarship program ?

Answer :
We don’t provide scholarship program this year, but we will assist you to look for other additional funding by providing Letter of Acceptance and Proposal.

6. Is there any tips and tricks to get sponsorship ?

Answer :
• Prepare the required documents, such as proposal, Letter of Acceptance, and Application Letter along with your needed fund. The application letter should consist with your background on joining the event, goals, reason why are you choosing those companies, and state the benefit for both parties between you and the company.
• Look for companies/institutions that sponsor other events or activities similar to yours.
• Create a list of potential sponsors.
• Research every company/institution or person on your list.
• Contact the potential companies/institution and make a good communication with them.
• Send the whole documents.
• Define the deadline and follow up.
Note : make sure you don’t only input proposal to a single company/institution.

7. How is the payment method ?

Answer :
Actually we provide a complete procedure to do payment, you only need to click the payment link the choose whether you will pay for early bird or normal payment with the deadline payment mentioned for each type. International students may use western union to transfer the payment.

8. What are the facilities we get from the payment ?

Answer :
The payment covers hotel, 3 times/day meals, full time LO team, visa assistance (only for Indonesian), professional documentation, certificate, continuous support, online management, entrance or ticket to heritage place, first aid, public transportation, Asia Student Summit tool kit.

9. Can we get refund for our visa expenses especially for all non-Indonesian delegates who didn’t get visa assistance ?

Answer :
We will create and differentiate the link of payment which consists of Indonesian Delegates and International Delegates, Indonesian delegates will pay 560 USD for Early Bird and 600 USD for Normal Payment.
International delegates will pay 520 USD for early bird and 560 USD for normal payment. The payment has been cut by the visa administration as we applied to Indonesian delegates, 40 USD.
For those International participants who have paid the first payment. No worries we will refund it in Seoul, South Korea.

10. If our visa process failed, can we get the refund ?

Answer :
Asia Student Summit will issue refunds for delegates who are unable to secure a visa latest by 15th June 2018 and inform us by sending email to [email protected] with subject “Visa Rejection” and attached official visa rejection/ refusal letter from the Embassy. We will refund for those who are unable to secure a visa and inform us by latest 15th June 2018 (05.00 P.M GMT+7).

11. This event name is Asia Student Summit 2018, is this program only for Asia Student ?

Answer :
Despite we mentioned the eligibilities only for Asian, but we actually open this program for the youth who passionate on entrepreneur, education, and culture from around the world with the maximum age 25 years old. We have fixed this by updating on the web and proposal.

12. Talking about the confirmation form and agreement letter, where do we get these documents ?

Answer :
We will give both documents after completing the payment. And the deadline for both documents depend on the time you receive it, you don’t have to follow deadline mentioned on Letter of Acceptance.

13. Should health certificate be translated to English ?

Answer :
Yes, it should. Because, English is the official language of Asia Student Summit.

14. What is the name of the hotel we will stay in Seoul ?

Answer :
Ibis Ambassador Insadong Hotel.

15. Please give me details of the stamp


Use your country stamp and sign on it. If there is no that kind of stamp, just sign on it


16. I had tried to pay for the payment at the end of April, but my trials were all failed. Can it be done in recent time?


Yes, you can fill the payment form again and please to complete your payment in 48 hours after fill the Payment.


17. Can we do a vlogging?


Since doing vlog (recording video while talking) can slow down the course of activities, vlogging is forbidden. Only taking pictures and video is allowed.


18. I’m not yet 17 years old. How about my identity card?



You could us either a Child Identification Card or student cards.


19. We will be picked up at the airport at 8 am right?



Yes, we will. We will pick you up at the airport no later than 14 KST. Please go to hotel by transport.


20. The amount of money is my parents’ bank account is not enough. Should I replace it with mine?




No, you shouldn’t. The new policy (March 2018) from the embassy, for students MUST attach a parent’s bank account. It is better for your account balance to move first to your parents account. Do it in more 2-3 weeks before printing the account.


21. My parent is self-employed / entrepreneur so we have no pay slip. What to do?



You should make a certificate of income known to RT, RW, Village Head / Village Head or government bureaucracy in your place of residence. There is a template in gdrive through the link given.


22. I have no NPWP. What to do?


Make a certificate of it by finding a template that already exists in gdrive. Just change it.

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