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“Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in Asia”



One of the most important variables behind the miracle of the speed of growth and recovery in the Asia economies is the quality of education. First of all, the competition for top schools and universities starts from a very early age. The work ethic, ambition and resilience that is embedded in Asian societies directly influences university curricula. The point of education in Asia is to equip people to become productive members of their given societies as well as equip the students with the skills and mentality to be able to successfully compete against the masses of other applicants. Asian students and schools receive continuously top marks in international rankings and this has been directly reflected in the success stories of several Asian countries.

As a Youth among Asian countries we have responsibilities and rights to contribute and solve the problems that exist. Therefore, we want to create a Asia Student Summit which will accommodate ideas from Asian youth and be a platform to exchange knowledge about educational system, study abroad and cultural exchange. Furthermore, they will enhance more understanding and knowledge about Asia society and they will know what they need to be one as an Asia entity.


In order to provide strategic platform for Asian student to learn and enhance concepts and understanding about education through study visit and workshop programme.

To develop deeper knowledge and to understand Asian cultures through cultural exchange

To encourages sharing of ideas, initiatives and experiences among students and some experts.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

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